To People Who has doubt what LTTE is

Some people still live in a deep well. Tamils may be a minority if we take a percentage wise based on population, but take the percentage representation in the parliament and you will see that they are not even close to been underrepresented. So in my opinion the problem is not with the tamil population or the sinhala population for that matter, the problem is actually with the power hunger of the LTTE leaders. Let me point out how they campaigned their war effort throughout this near 30 years.

  1. Destroying public property (From oil tanks to international air ports)
  2. Bombing civilian areas to cause panic.
  3. Bombing Busses, trains etc. (They’ve brought the war to innocent cilians which includes school children + monks/priests)
  4. Suicide attacks on national leaders some including famouse tamil political leaders(not to mention Rajive Gandi in india)
  5. Under death threats tamils brothers are forced to join LTTE (and they call it liberation)
  6. Promoting Child soldiers (look for pictures in the internet)
  7. Conducting criminal activities and fraud to collect money. (read many news reads and FBI reports on this)
  8. Collecting ransom from sri lankan tamil populations living abroad.
  9. Attacking relief aid and food supply convoys in both sea and land(transported to tamil refugees in nothern parts of the country who are displacedor rendered helpless due to the futile war)
  10. Using tamil population as a human shield when SL forces attempt to attack.
  11. Using public property, religious buildings and schools as military bases and camps/bunkers.
  12. Teaching school children at school in the areas which is dominated by LTTE to use guns and to hate non-tamil population.
  13. Killing innocent farmers just for fun or just because they were there.
  14. Giving combat lessons and arms dealingg with the under world gangs in the country.
  15. Altering the mentality of our own tamil brothers and sisters for suicide missions.

I think this’ll be enough for anyone to get started. Note that each and every one of those almost equally destroyed our community of all sinhala, tamil and muslim. It created hatred among brothers and sisters of a same family. A Sri Lanakan goverment may have started this, but LTTE is using that as an excuse for ethnic cleansing and to full fill the leaders dream of power and control over innocent tamil people. That is sick.


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16 Responses to “To People Who has doubt what LTTE is”

  1. innocenttamil Says:

    dear saminda wijeratna;

    how much money the sl government is paying you to post this kind of article? this article is not even 50% true. the srilankan government kill who ever speak against their campagne and blame it on the ltte.

    do you know what happen back in july 1983? who killed those 4000 innoncent tamils in colombo? is that ltte or sinhala savages and barbarians?
    do some research. be honest when you publish. peoples are well educated about these issues. you can’t fool them

  2. samindaw Says:

    nobody is giving money for me to blog. this is not an article. blogs normally consists of an individuals views. People may follow the view or not.

    ltte is raging war against people of sri lanka. If they have a cause take it up like men without disrupting peoples lives. Did the farmers kill those 4000 ppl in 1983?? were the monks who died in anuradhapura kill those 4000 ppl in 1983? did the people who were on busses or trains or on road go and kill those 4000 ppl in 1983?? if ltte wants war they should do it with the army, not the civilians. not with their own political leaders.

    and btw i’m not protecting any government. almost every government came to be in sri lanka didn’t do any good for any kind of ppl in sri lanka, whether Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim. the political leaders (many of them) only wanted to get their pockets filled. dat is the disgusting truth in our country when it comes to politics. therefore i never liked many governments which came to be here.

    I’m against terrorism of all kinds. whether it is done by ltte or by the government. my above blog is about the ltte terrorism. I see it as a pure terrorist group. Above points in the blog if you notice causes terror to ppl (whether Sinhalese or Tamil). And yes, governments in this country has done terrible things too. and there are some nasty cover ups. i’mm also against that terrorism too.

    “do some research” – honestly, the war was on when i was born to this country brother. I already am living in the research.

    “peoples are well educated about these issues. you can’t fool them” – this is where the problem is. they are educated, not shown the truth. that is y i asked to research on this matter, not to take what i’ve written as it is. it was just a starting point if someone wanted to try and understand the situation and start finding out about it. you can just go and say positive things about some group to someone who has never heard of that group and that person will think that group is a good one. that is what is called being educated. I recently saw some disturbing pictures where ltte is making some school children hit stones at a dummy of president mahinda rajapaksha and put flames to it. Is that what you mean by educated? creating hatred in school children without really knowing the person. If from childhood if u are told Sinhalese ppl are bad over and over again, after sometime u will believe this to be true whatever u see. if a stupid Sinhalese minister goes and says that Tamils are scum u will think that all Sinhalese ppl think like that. Is that what you call being educated? think logical brother.

    I’m not angry with you for your comments. I’m happy that you came forward to say something, to tell yo views. I thank you for that. you should know Sinhalese are not savages or barbarians. they are also human beings just like you. just bcos they are the majority of the country that does not mean that they oppress the minority. some of them may be sinking low to do so, but many Sinhalese remain brothers to all Tamils, Muslims etc. pls feel free to comment yo views here. I have no objections. But I would advice use the language appropriately (just incase u got angry for my reply – hopefully not 🙂 ).

    I have friends who just happens to be Tamils. I have friends who just happens to be Sinhalese. I have friends who happen to be Muslims. and I just happen to be Sinhalese.

    PS: and you spelled my name wrong, its “wijeratne” not “wijeratna”. 😉

  3. samindaw Says:

    hih hih, my reply is longer than my blog entry :D. I guess i got it carried away a bit.

  4. innocenttamil Says:

    dear saminda wijeratne;

    you have not addressed my concern properly. i am not angry at you brother. I like sinhalese people. infact I was born in
    jaffna town . our bakery was ran by a sinhalese familly. i know sinhala language. infact my cousin married to a sinhalese
    there is no hate crime between innocent tamil and innocent sinhalese.
    you have not answered my concern. Are you telling me that LTTE is one who killed those 4000 innocent tamils in colombo
    back in july1983?????????? we all know this was done by the majority sinhalese government.
    who burnt the jaffna library???? i was back home when the sinhala thugs who was led by the government burnt the great jaffna library.
    burning the library is one of the ruthless war crime? talking about ltte promoting child soldiers. most of the child soldiers
    they ran away from the house and they wanted to join ltte because their sister’s was raped by some of the srilankan soldiers. (gang rape) infront of these
    teenagers during the war back in 1984 1986 I saw SLAF (srilankan air forces) was bombing my neibourhood destroying
    my neighbours houses and morethan 20 innocent tamils were killed. this is something i had seen with my two eyes.
    the other thing you were saying Ltte makes the tamil sisters and brothers join ltte by force…. come on my brother
    how is this possible??????? in arm struggle if i was forced to join the ltte and if i don’t like to join, i would have
    join and get the training and once they provide me with the arms i would shot them and ran away.
    ltte soldiers was never forced to join the liberation brother, they joined with their full acceptance.
    look what happened to the 15000 sla soldiers who was deserted? the message is that the government is forcing the young
    sinhalease to join the millitary to join fight to ethnic cleansing the minority innocent tamils.

    what is there for the sl goverment to lose by giving freedom to the innocent minority tamils????
    the sinhala armies always discriminate innocent tamils mentally and physically this is some thing i had seen in the past 18 years of my life in jaffna
    i was not educated by raciest people. this is my own experience brother.
    feel free to talk to me . the truth wins all the time. just a matter of time

  5. samindaw Says:

    nop, I did not say that the ltte killed those 4000 ppl. I merely said that majority of the Sinhalese are not responsible for actions of a short sighted group which may or may not be connected to the government and working for money. ltte should war against the ones who are responsible if they want. not the innocent civilians. If you read my blog and the comments you will notice that my arguments was for the sri lankan ppl who live their lives with peace, not the government nor the army or what they have done throughout the years. I have no intension of purifying the actions of the government or the army. If the army has done something wrong the ltte should fight with the army, not a bus filled with school children and workers who are heading home.

    Its a huge crime to burn down a library. For that who ever is responsible will next time be born to a very poor family with no means of education. They are already cursed for such crimes for eternaty. and let them rot there.

    As for the crimes you say that the army did, I’ve heard the same thing about the ltte. war turns ppl’s mind in to rage and hunger whether u r Sinhalese or Tamil, or u r in army or in ltte. after the war (whoever wins) the next problem going to be trying to fix these mental problems caused to ppl in the army and ltte. cos most of the underworld consists are ppl who were engaged in war. you can guess where the country’s future is heading bcos of this conflict.

    if the ltte is a group who has a responsibility towards tamil population, first thing they should do is to make sure the future of the population is guaranteed, not making the future generation take arms. nobody can deny that war can destroy a child’s mind. why does ltte let children join them then? why does the parents/relations hav no concern that this child could die or end up loosing something valuable in life if they go to war? a person with rage does not use his/her brain properly. so if the children are joining the ltte to take revenge dont they actually make things worse rather than solve the problem? Isn’t there any adult ltte member there who can make sense to these children who seem to be volunteering to join ltte? In my experience normally human beings bcome more responsible after age of 25 or so. What does a 14-15 year understand in the long run what can happen. This is just simple common sense as i know it.

    as for all the crimes u say u saw with yo eyes the army do i cannot say anything against that bcos seen what war does to ppl, what u say may be true. :(. I’m deeply sorry you and your friends/family/friends/relations/neighborers had to go through in these harsh periods. If what you said is true it will not be easy to repair such wounds. friendship, brotherhood and time is the only cure for those. not bombing back in revenge making things worse.

    “what is there for the sl goverment to lose by giving freedom to the innocent minority tamils????” – let me put things in this way. We as a nation got our freedom from english ruling without dropping a single drop of blood. If the Tamil brothers as a community wanted freedom as such (where Tamils live separately) why not attempt the same way. If what you say is true that the truth wins all the time, Tamils in this country will have their own land without dropping blood. With cunning intelligence you can gain many things without harming anyone. I personally believe that Tamils should not have a separate land, bcos i believe (and i feel in my heart) that Tamils are a part of what makes this country whole. if Tamils break off from sl population, it would be like loosing someone in the family. this country will never be the same again. and bsides dividing this country would mean start of a chain reaction which creates problems. see if u can spot them ;).

    I’m glad u called me a brother. :).

  6. innocenttamil Says:

    look at all these news and reports. who is behind all this murders?????
    i don’t see this war to kill ltte this war is to ethnic cleansing the minority tamils

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched an intensive artillery barrage targeting all the roads from Paranthan junctions from 2:35 p.m. on Monday, killing one civilian and causing injuries to six. Two of the wounded were rushed to Ki’linochchi hospital with serious injuries. Many houses and shops were destroyed in the barrage that also hit the grounds of the Paranthan Hindu College. Students attendance was below 15% in the school, according to the teachers in the morning and they were forced to flee the college premises following the barrage in the evening. The SLA has intensified artillery attacks on the suburbs of Paranthan town during the last 3 days.

    Paranthan – Mullaiththeevu Road, Paranthan – Elephant Pass Road, Paranthan Ki’linochchi Road and Paranthan – Poonakari Road were targeted by the artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) fire by the SLA.

    Civilians were seen fleeing Kumarapuram, which has been subjected to several air attacks, following the artillery barrage.

    On Sunday, Kugnchup-Paranthan and Kumarapuram settlements were targeted by artillery fire for more than 12 hours from 3:30 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. At least 7 huts were fully destroyed and several houses sustained damage in the barrage. Many civilians who had displaced to Paranthan from Poonakari narrowly escaped from the shelling as they sought refuge inside the bunkers.

    The artillery attack by the SLA was stepped on Saturday with a continuous barrage between 3:30 and 7:00 p.m.

    White van abducts Tamil youth in Wellawatte

    Armed men in civil arrived in a white van and abducted a 26-year-old Tamil youth from the hotel located along Hamden Lane in Wellawatte Saturday evening, according to complaints lodged with the Bambalapitya Police and human rights groups. The victim was an employee at the hotel.

    The victim, Velupillain Vaseeharan, was a resident of Jaffna town, and had been residing in 37th Lane, Wellawatte after he returned from Malaysia.

    Tamil youth shot dead in Trincomalee

    Unidentified armed person Sunday night shot dead a 22-year-old Tamil youth residing in Ganesh Lane in Aa’ndaangku’lam, a suburb in Trincomalee city, located along Trincomalee-Kandy road, according to complaints lodged with the Trincomalee police by his relatives. The victim was identified as Pulendran, police said.

  7. innocenttamil Says:

    innocent Tamils are getting killed left right and center by the sla forces

    and the sl government is calling this a war against terrorism.

    this is sickkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  8. samindaw Says:

    All these news items are from the TamilNet, which I’m afraid to say have little faith on the accuracy on what they publish. But regardless I would like to point out a few important in between the line facts from logic if you may please.

    The government and the Army has being notifying the civilians in the ltte controlled areas to evacuate from there since a few months ago because of the future intensive fighting thats going to take place between the army and the ltte. This is a well known fact. Many ppl fled from those areas to the government controlled areas for safety. If there were ppl left in those areas then I can think of only 4 reason for why they decided to stay.

    1. They must have thought the fighting would not affect their homes and would not cause them problems – This is possible only if they are born yesterday and have no idea what a war is.
    2. They believe that the ltte can defend their territory so that they need not move from their homes to garunteed safety in the goverment controlled area. – This only means that they want to risk their lives on the basis of faith on a group of armed ppl who has lost more than 50% of their controlled area within less than 2 years. If this is the case it is very likely they have problems in their brains, cant help.
    3. They want to stay and support the ltte on fighting with the army. – this means “they” are no longer can be considered civilians but members of the ltte. thus the word “civilian casualties” is no longer applicable.
    4. ltte is not letting them leave the area. – This would mean two things. ltte is responsible for the safety of them. If they get injured or killed ltte is to blame. the seconds one is that someone can presume that the reason why they are forced to stay is to use them as a human shield (which in my opinion is a very valid presumption – WDYT?).

    The army cannot wait 10 years or so for the civilians to leave the area. I presume it would take only a day or two to make up their minds to leave the area to more secure place in the government controlled area. So other than the above 4 category of groups the rest of the tamil ppl are in safety in the government areas and they are being taken care of much possible as can from the money of the working ppl in this country.

    So the above 4 categories can become casualties. first 2 categories I believe is not possible since I know for a fact tamil brothers and sisters are intelligent enough to understand something more than adding numbers. the 3rd and the 4th categories leaves no choice for the army since the army cannot be responsible for the decisions of the ppl or the decisions of the ltte (actually both the categories sum up to be decisions of ltte). bsides all those areas mentioned are areas which ltte resides. which means they are areas of war. I doubts even there are 15% of the children left in those areas. Majority is on the safety areas of the government.

    But does the ltte follow the same rule? I’ve read countless reports where ltte had attacked sinhala+muslim villages where no military ppl resided. which included targetting schools also.

    As for the murders the above reports mention, the rivalry among the karuna’s supporters and the ltte is still on. last week also a few ppl from karuna’s side were shot dead, and no body knows who did that since no proof that it is done by the ltte. And there are gangsters/thugs growing up all over the country who has their own agendas to murdering ppl. a few months back there was a granade blast in wellawatta bus halt which every one thought was an ltte attack but later found that it was due to an underworld conflict. you should not believe something if you dont have any proof of it or if there are possible alternate reasoning for a situation. Keep and open mind. Military intelligence is also traking down ltte spies, in which case he/she is ltte. so if that person is killed it all comes back to being part of the war with ltte. you should consider all these possibilities i mentioned and possibilities that i did not mention without just going with the flow.

    As for the abductions there are 2 ways this happens as I see. (there can be others which i’m not aware of). One thing is that I’ve read reports and news items where ltte themselves do the abduction as kidnapping and hold the person for ransom. It is a well known way ltte finances itself. The other one is that military intelligence or the police can arrest the person (which is in most cases ppl with hidden agenda would say as abduction) in suspect with the connection with the ltte. Some arresting may be in the form of abductions which ofcourse is bad but if the guys really is a suspect then necessary. Which is because it is necessary that ltte does not get wind that their spy/member/suicider which is missing is actually in the hands of their enemy.
    And mind you I have tamil friends who never had such problems. Their houses may have been searched but they never told me that their families were mis handled. And there are many such tamil families in colombo where eventhough has to go with some sort of difficulty(a difficulty which sinhalese and muslims also bare) but never mis treated. Only the suspected are accused and investigated.

    If we go back to the last year you might notice the increased amount of bombing in busses/trains/crowded streats etc. by the ltte. And you might notice now that this is not the case now. This disruption is subdued now. Why is that? Has the ltte leaders decided that it is enough bombing busses now?? Or has the ppl who are planting bombs and helping the ones do so has being taken in to custody or are caught or have being driven away from all the investigations and trailing done by the police and the military? If you live in Colombo you may have also felt the constant fear every week we had as the fear when we get on a bus, or go to a shop, or just stand in the corner bcos not knowing when a bomb will go off. the fear was not only for sinhalese and muslims, but also for tamils. because colombo is highly concentrated with tamil population. a bomb does not have feelings or emotions to try and kill only the selected set of ppl. If it is in the range it will kill anyone near by. But now the probability of such an attack to civilians is reduced, hw come?? whos to give the credit for that?

    So brother I hope I answered yo questions as descriptively as possible for you to understand. Due to very little time I have I cant spend alot of time on replying. I also have to work to earn money. Me typing replies or putting out blogs does not give me money unfortunately. If it did give me money I would not need to work then. So please forgive me if I’m late in replying yo questions here. I hope I created a new angle for you to look at things. If not I hope someone who read these would follow logic to guide them from here onwards. Not emotion.

  9. samindaw Says:

    I’ve got a comment for this blog from a person called “anthony”. His comment was a very long comment. With some googling I found that it was actually an article published on the net. This is the reason why I completely disregarding his comment. If you are commenting make sure its your ideas/views. Not someone elses. I personally do not want to argue with ltte terrorists. I like to have discussions with human beings. It is ok to take extracts from someplace but copy pasting an entire article in to a comment field?? c’mon man. It is called spamming.

    If you want the reader to focus their attention on to an article pls just put the link. No need to copy paste the whole page. And not only a link put your ideas also. because I dont think any two person in the world has the same idea of this war. So I would value yo personal ideas also.

    For any readers curiosity this is the article “anthony” was trying to tell in his comment

    This is more or less “innocenttamil” was trying to say. This was published (as you can see) in 2007 February. i.e. more than a year ago. Time has answered some of its claims. Some facts were found to be inaccurate. Some facts still remain uncertain. I believe the purpose of this article is to educate. For the possible definitions of the word “educate” pls refer my first reply to this blog. Ppl who loved reading this article will hate me for saying this but it is an one sided article. Hopefully “anthony” will understand what I mean.

    Check this video, abt what war is. It is another angle of looking at it.

  10. anthony Says:

    check out this website

    all the information I found on this side are nothing but political propaganda
    why are these monks are involved in polictical propaganda?
    Aren’t monks supposed to help poor and innocent civilians and pray?

    what happened to THE DHARMA

  11. anthony Says:

    all the information you are providing here are nothing but all bullshit
    it is biased. the slgovernment is the one who is controlling the media
    the slgovernment is trying to influence the world with his political propaganda and bullshit.

    the slgovernment is abducting innocent tamils and rich tamils and other tamil politicians and killing them brutally.

    UN please stop this brutal slgovernment from killing the civilians
    sl government is well known for killing the innocent and tamil politician then they blame it on ltte

  12. anthony Says:

    So the above 4 categories can become casualties. first 2 categories I believe is not possible since I know for a fact tamil brothers and sisters are intelligent enough to understand something more than adding numbers.

    if the first two categories are not possible then y are you spamming with nonesence?

    Tamils are not intelligent enough, if they are intelligent then they would have got the seperate state for them long long time ago.

    the sl government is taking advantage of tamils innocent behaviour and abusing them and discriminating them left right and center.

  13. samindaw Says:

    nice try anthony, c’mon man what are you trying to prove without any logical explanation??? brother, please for give me if I’m being too blunt, but pls try not to repeat the same thing.

    Anyway, there is a nice article about spreading fabrications about the ppl in sri lanka.
    While I know this is applicable for the ltte, this can also be applicable for some of the political parties and some political leaders (Both sinhalese and tamil, inside and outside the goverment).

  14. anthony Says:

    its nothing but biased information like i was saying earlier slgovernment kill its own sinhala journalist for writing the true story of what is going on in srilanka. where is the media freedom??????????
    that is the bigest violation against the human rights.
    what is srilanka compared to united states???????
    united state is best and thepowerfull and the strongest of all countries?
    it is a great nation.

    srilanka is a banana republic. ever since mahinda came into power there are several thousands of innocent tamils disapearances.
    blood hunger state terrorism.

    Our troops better than US army: Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka

    your troops better than US army???
    do you know what happen in haiti??
    what a shame on your sla ah?
    if us know this then it is going to be a big problem my friend.
    the time will teach the lesson to sl government
    thats all i could say now

  15. Chandare Says:

    According to the all comments against the original post, I raise just 1 question.

    Sri Lanka was under British Government until 1948. They ruined the country by stealing Sri Lanka’s resources / prosperities. But they have given some thing to Sri Lanka as well. As an example they gave the rail lines to Sri Lanka. I agree they did it for their profit but they did.

    Just Tell me ONE thing that the LTTE did for the country other than demolishing properties/Lives? I am just asking for only 1 example

  16. wireless n adapter Says:

    This post could not be more right

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