How eclipse knows the internally launched server has started

I work in WSO2 eclipse plugins. WSAS 3.0 will be release within next month or so. It would be a major release interms of carbon. Search for WSAS on the google to find out more about WSAS. Anyway I’m right now in the process of doing plugins for this WSAS 3.0 release. One of the things I wanted to do was to bringup the WSAS server inside eclipse. This I’ll put another blog on how this is exactly done, but for now let me tell you how eclipse knows whent he server is up.

When you create a server runtime plugin you specify a server definition file which contains all the needed information about the server which eclipse should start/stop etc. This is an xml file. Among these there is a tag like following


this is where we say to the eclipse what port the server will be using. Eclipse will be trying to connect with this port once eclipse initialises the server. If it manages to connect with the port then it assumes thatt he server has started. Keep in mind the protocol tag contained in the above port tag. Eclipse attempts to connect to the server with that protocol. So it is neccessary that you have specified the correct protocol for correct port. For example WSAS normally uses port 9443 for https protocol.

Same goes for then stopping the server. If eclipse does not manage to connect with the port with the given protocol it will assume that the server has stopped.

thats it really.


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