List java source folders in an eclipse project in the workspace

If you are doing plugin development this is quite easy to do. The ResourceUtils class does the job for you.

  IProject project = .....
  IPath srcPath = ResourceUtils.getJavaSourceLocation(project);

Some times there are more than one source folder in the project, If you want to list them all just use,


instead. I had to do it the hardway since I didn’t know how that there was such a function to list java source folders, so I wrote one myself. If anyone wants to do it manually….

public static String[] getJavaProjectSourceDirectories (String projectName) throws CoreException, JavaModelException{
    ArrayList paths = new
    IProject project=ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot().getProject(projectName);
    if (project.isOpen() && JavaProject.hasJavaNature(project)){

        IJavaProject javaProject = JavaCore.create(project);

        IClasspathEntry[] classpathEntries = null;

        classpathEntries = javaProject.getResolvedClasspath(true);
        for(inti = 0; i<classpathEntries.length;i++){
            IClasspathEntry entry = classpathEntries[i];

            if(entry.getContentKind() == IPackageFragmentRoot.K_SOURCE){
                IPath path = entry.getPath();

                String srcPath = path.segments()[path.segmentCount()-1];


    return (String[])paths.toArray(new String[0]);



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