Answer to the video post by Santhru S in facebook

This is a quick and small response to the video posted in facebook.

Due to the fact that the video is nothing more than LTTE propaganda I wanted to give a reply eventhough I’m busy up to my neck in work with the releases coming up. My aim is to criticize the inaccuracies of the content of the video plus the careful neglegence of the essential facts for what is seen in the video. No hatred or disrespect is intended to any ethnic group by this post. If you were hurt or feel unjusticely criticised, feel free to respond, and if i see i’m wrong i will accept it.

False information. 300 dead 1000s injured. This was an email apparently sent out to many authorities by Dr. Varatharaja, the Regional Director of Health Services (RDGS) Mullaitivu. He denied ever sending such mail from Mulaitivu, mentioning that he neither had the facility of email or fax.

NGOs “But the government of Sri Lanka has expelled them all”

All civilians and humanatarian aid workers asked to leave areas way b4 the war in the north started, word was spread and even the leaflets were thrown by air. NGO’s left why didn’t the ppl?? They knew the war was coming. They should have left with the NGO to the safe areas. If the LTTE contained them it is nobody’s fault except the ltte’s. The video does not mention this fact.
medine and food sent were taken by the ltte for their wounded.
everything they have is from the sri lankan ppl. The Hospitals built, the food sent was from the hard working ppl from sri lanka, but grinded by the guns used by the ltte. Do you wanna know what happened to the money given to the ltte?

  • air crafts
  • air strips (6 of them :O)
  • weapons factories
  • underwater vehicle factories
  • air conditioned bunkers
  • have some others but they too common nw.

“Isn’t it obvious that this is genocide?”
ltte walking in street giving flowers to every one aren’t they honey?

“trying to starve tamils to death?”
only tamils who are starving are in those ltte controled area. In other areas in the country, there is no report that tamils are starving. if ltte wants to own the tamil ppl and land they should feed them or if not let them leave to locations where “tamil ppl dont starve”

“right to <all those stuff said>, have being violated”.
wonder who has been killing leaders in the country (both sinhala and tamil), or forgot to add, wonder who had killed rajive gandhi.

some of the mentioned politicians were killed after the so called hero of tamils (prabakan who has run to save his own skin by nw) was made to piss of by their statements.

“white van mania”
There is truth to this. some of these claims are false. in one such claim was found to be false when the so called abducted person came out as a suicide bomber and killed a bus full of policeman. Anyway I can say one thing with the start of these abduction claims the number of bus bombs, train bombs, shop bombs that killed many civilian lives (including sinhala tamil muslim) whether old or young decreased significantly. I wonder why.

“media censorship is at its extream”
i dont know in the world whether there is any other country goverment who gets much beaten by the media as sri lanka. I agree the government is controlling the news related to the security of the ppl in the country, which is necessary. But I see reports abt hardships faced by tamils on north (if u missed it watch the video again) and the reporter still writes the same articles next week also. I also see some ppl who are no where near the country download or listens to some crackpots words and write or post videos on the net saying there is genocide in sri lanka. And make note they only say tamil genocide, they forget to mention all the sinhala and muslim ppl who were killed, murdered, slaughtered, cut in to pieces etc. There are even rally’s against the goverment which has police protection from the goverment itself (if u missed it watch the video again). Lasantha’s murder is still yet to be solved. There are alot of fingures pointing. Like most of the killings they may be just political propaganda.

“All this is done by the democraticly elected government”
So i take it that the ltte is democraticly elected? Children are democraticaly used as soldiers? taking civilian with u to the war zone was done using democratic ways? What abt the democratic bunkers created by the ltte from the supplies sent to the wanni ppl? What abt the democratic way of chasing sinhala and muslim ppl in the east by the ltte? I think there is some misunderstanding with what democratic means.

“tamil eelam”
start of all this problems. group of ppl wanted power, and converted a political conflict in to a ethnic war to achieve their goal. Brainwashed ppl in to thinking having a separate country is way cooler. brainwashed some other to bcome suicide bombers. What are they asking? for more than 1/3 of the country which consists most of the natural resources of the country for tamils who are less than 20% of the population in sri lanka (sinhalese-74%, muslims-7%). Rather than 1/3 of the country we offer to share the 100% of the country. But no they ask for a separate land. For what?? protect their identity??? Their identity was born from the whole country with the sinhala, muslim ppl in it since BC 1000 years ago. If they get a land of their own they will loose the identity rather than protect it. protect their identity – What a lame reason. Sinhala ppl has only one country that is sri lanka and we are offering to share. Tamils have india to go back to if sri lanka sinks to ocean floor someday. So give us a break man. Who r u trying to fool. tamil eelam is a concept brought in by the ltte with their own set of rules. the moment u mention the tamil eelam everyone knows that u are coughing for ltte. every one knows that the ltte is nothing short of a terorist organization which is in the verge of destruction.

The ppl who did this video. Nice cloths guys. You guys seems to where things in style. Very good ascent too, being in canada since when? Wow u got access to internet and you know technology, cool. Is the air condition too cool for you, better reduce it then. Nice makup honey, that highly polished bed looks imported. I’m glad to see the money you guys have collected put in to good use. Oh btw look at the tamils in northern sl, they dont have anything (just saying incase if u haven’t noticed their existance).

Wake up. ask the ltte to come to political stream. ask them to lay down their weapons. U dont think it is not a solution? want an example? look at karuna. Can you hear anything abt genocide in east now? From the chief minister to the cleark many are tamils governing. Look at the difference. Same result which ltte wants but without violence or so called “genocide”. Wake up. Stop posting such exgerated and misleading videos with hateful commentary to nick funds from ppl who has hearts. You should know they also have brains and sooner or later they will put 1 and 1 together. Atleast use yo organization to help tamils, not the ltte.

Anyone reading this should not take what I’ve written as it is. Search and look for facts, let the Logic guide you. Make use this post only as a starting point. Not a guide.

Sorry that i cannot reply more clearly, have work to do. I hav another post in my blog devoted to the wonderful nature of LTTE. anyone interested can go ahead and read it.

PS: and btw if u r wondering, I’m not paid by anyone to put this post. These are my own thoughts on the matter.


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3 Responses to “Answer to the video post by Santhru S in facebook”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    i don’t agree with this at all. but i can see that you feel strongly about this. the stuff on tamil eelam got me a bit mad though. tamil eelam is not wanted but needed because tamils are a MINORITY in sl. they need to work twice as hard and twice as long com[pared to a muslim or sinhalese citizen, but what for? its not only when it comes to work, but look at the education system. university and college applications are not only based on their grades but on their race. is that right? they’re just asking for a separate place, in sl, where they can be equal. where they dont have to work as hard just to get a mediocre salary.

    they tried to co-inhabite with everyone, but how long must they try? is equality really that hard to give? and im sure you have no proof of the ltte “brain washing’ anyone. i do agree that the use of suicide bombers is completely wrong, but they did not ‘convince’ these children to do this. these children volunteered, these children just as courageous as stupid, were wanting to give up their lives for others. and you should know that the ltte, though going about things wrong, are a smart group- making their own weapons and air crafts, its very intelligent. something i see that people don’t understand is that tamil people are not against the sinhalese people. god no, they are against the government that has corrupted this country. is that so hard to understand?

    earlier you said you would be willing to accept your mistakes in this article, i hope you hold true to that. thanks

  2. samindaw Says:

    I was not planning to reply to this since i had a whole load of work at the office still left to finish. But what the hell.

    “they need to work twice as hard and twice as long com[pared to a muslim or sinhalese citizen, but what for?”
    Muslims are 7% much less than tamils. and muslims almost all speak tamil. u agreed, they are not working twice as tamils as u say. so only conclusion is u r suggesting sinhala and muslim ppl have a problem with tamil ppl? Other than for a couple of ppl i met in my life many does not care if a person is tamil or not, it was a bit incovinient to talk in english all the time but hey that inconvinience is for both parties. I know I sometimes wished i could speak in tamil also.

    “university and college applications are not only based on their grades but on their race.”
    I can vouch that this is not true. in my school for every 7 sinhala medium classes there is 1 tamil medium class. more than the percentage of tamils. in A/L we shared classes, we had tamil teachers which we have utmost respect upto date. In uni I’m sad to say many of the tamil students stayed separately. when exams neared we worked together, helped each other. had kuppi (in english). also we made sure when we party no one gets left behind. trips, gettogethers, outings, u name it. it was pretty hard to get tamil girls to join in since they had restrictions from their parents, but once i remember i had to go to one of the girls boarding place to help fix her machine on a down pouring rain. the whole road to her boarding was half feet deep pool. there was no point in using umbrellas. amidst heavy thunder i checked her machine. turns out her vga card was faulty. wonder she got it replaced :-/. Anyway students admitted to education institute based on race is pure total BS. But it is sometimes based on the green.

    “where they dont have to work as hard just to get a mediocre salary.”
    I dont know abt in other fields, but in my feild IT this is not the case. we r equal. we get equal opportunities to rise up the ladder. Hell my training place CEO was a tamil himself. I know in banking sector some tamil ppl who are earning like hell. I believe you point in this should be targetted to a specific context. I’ve answered this with what I know.

    “they tried to co-inhabite with everyone, but how long must they try? is equality really that hard to give?”
    either this is not true, or my choices in life are in some weird way have only brought me to places where this is not true. As far as I’m concerned, my tamils friends are enjoying the fruits of their work as much as I do. But I’ll tell u one expeirience I have, one of my school friends (he is tamil) learned sinhala also. After a while we even forgot he is tamil even. to tell u the truth we didn’t give a shit. cos he is our friend. he is nw the president of our school OB for our batch.

    “and im sure you have no proof of the ltte “brain washing’ anyone.”
    read some youtube comments on the war, then and there u will see comments from ppl talking abt “tamil eelam”, about fighting back to get the country back, abt sri lanka is a tamil nation etc etc. When I first read those, i had to re-read them more than 5 times to trying to comprehend what I’m reading. for starters there was never a tamil eelam. but there is a “eelam”. eelam is a tamil name for Sri Lanka. just like british called it “ceylon” or “thabrobane”. if the majority of the country is sinhalese hw can this country be a tamil nation? At first I thought these ppl had gone off their rocker or somthing. or got their head hit somewhere. but I saw more ppl seem to think vaguely the same. the ppl who believe in tamil eelam has even have their own history all of a sudden. I could go on and on… bu the fact I can think is that these cannot be just holuciations of an individual. these are fed to them. from looking at the type of ppl who they r supporting the feeders seem to be the LTTE. If those ppl come and live in this country at least for 2-3 weeks, they would think that they are in another planet or anotehr version of Sri Lanka in an alternate dimension.

    “you should know that the ltte, though going about things wrong, are a smart group”
    I can definitely agree to that one. Tamil ppl by nature are very smart.

    “something i see that people don’t understand is that tamil people are not against the sinhalese people.”
    I know that. and vice versa is true too.

    “god no, they are against the government that has corrupted this country. is that so hard to understand?”
    Hey i’ve known all governments are corrupt since I was 14 i think. look at the US. the most powerful country in the world. But the thing is that a government is said to be corrupt bcos of the acts of a couple of corrupt politicians. not all leaders shoots first and asks questions later. Some really does try to make a difference. anyway, i’m not gonna argue abt politics, its not my area, i i really dont like it even. 4 governments came since the war, nothings changed in the war (except in this one LTTE is close to be annilated). but LTTE was the same. May be its the time for the LTTE to change and see whether there is a sol. WDYT?

    I love being pointed out that I’m wrong. makes my life very interesting. I dont like being always right. But I dont lie to make things interesting.

    thank you for your opinion.

  3. samindaw Says:

    chk this link

    In it there is a guy called “Bostonian” put a comment. For everyones convenience I’ll just cp paste it here. Its abt his experience in SL.

    Well said NP. I am an American married to a sweet and decent Sri Lankan Tamil. What you have said in the article is the truth and the whole truth. I returned from SL two weeks ago and had a good insight in to what was going on. We stayed in Colombo 6 with my wife’s cousins, who are upper middle class Tamils who do stocklots business. They live very comfortably and do most of the business with majority Singhalese. According to my relatives, there are over a million Tamils living in Colombo and is the majority in SE Colombo (so much for the genocide!). Only negative sentiment was the hardships they have on numerous Army checkpoints in surrounding area and frequent checks, which we also experienced in our short stay. BUT they also mentioned this can not be avoided in any country that faces such suicide bombings. They were very clearly denouncing LTTE and most notably, were condemning Tamil Diaspora in Canada for their assistance to keep the flames on while living under comforts in Canada. They mentioned Canadian Tamil’s financial support for LTTE is huge and, this assistance really harms Tamils living in SL particularly in the north. They took us to Nilaveli, which I would rank as one of the best beaches in the world. Nilaveli is in recently cleared east, where we were able to witness tremendous development. My relatives mentioned east is a great example of SL GOV approach of clearing from terror and providing assistance for development. We also had a unique experience to dine with an army Major, who was attached to Police STF. He was spending few hours in Nilaveli, and treated us, and my Tamil companions with utmost respect. He was in the battlefield many times and was genuinely expressing his feelings about innocent Tamils suppressed by LTTE. My Tamil relatives had one voice, which is very different from the Tamils who live in Canada. What they say is, Tamils in Sri Lanka will be better off under SL Government than living under LTTE control. We whole heartedly than NP for exposing activities of terror supporting Tamils in Canada. Keep up the good work!

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