Monawada Muththe Mokada Karanne/මොනවද මුත්තේ මොකද කරන්නේ – අනාගත දායාදය

All sri lankans who lived for the past 20-30 years will remember this song. I was riding in bus to office today morning and all of a sudden i remembered this song for some reason. When I was a kid I used to hear this all the time and each time I listened to it with alot of enthusiasm. And I was wondering why I no longer hear this song on TV. Pretty sad actually given that this song gives a very important message or rather advise to the community. So I came to office and first thing I did was to search this on the net. And there it was :).

So I hope everyone will enjoy this song as I have.

Here are the lyrics…

අනාගත දායාදය…

මොනවද මුත්තේ මොකද කරන්නේ

මොකටද ඔබ ඔය බිම හාරන්නේ..

ඔබටත් ළමයෝ නොපෙනේ නොසිතමි

අඹ ඇටයක් සිටුවන්නට හාරමි. //


දුකසේ සිටුවා අඹ ඇටයක් අද

එක අඹයක්වත් කන්න ලැබේවිද

මම ළමයෝ මින් අඹයක් නොපතමි

යුතුකම පමණක් ඉටුකොට තබනෙමි

තමන්ට නොලැබෙන දේකින් ලෝකෙට

කරන්ට හැකි දේ නොම තේරෙයි මට

පුදුමයි ළමයෝ ඔබේ ඔය අදහස

හැදුනොත් ඔහොමට ඔබටම වෙයි දොස

පෙර උන් අය සිටවූ අඹ ගස්වල

ඵලයෙන් අප කවුරුත් ලබනෙමු ඵල

අපෙන් පසුව එන අයටත් එම ඵල

ලැබෙන්ට සැලසුම අපගේ යුතුකම

ඒ යුතුකම හොඳ හැටි දැනගත්තෙමි

ආයුබොවන් මුත්තේ මම යන්නෙමි //

Little info on the song:

This is Rohana Weerasinghe & Anusha Nanayakkara
Lyrics from Ven. S. Mahinda (Tibetan)
Music : Rohana Weerasinghe


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8 Responses to “Monawada Muththe Mokada Karanne/මොනවද මුත්තේ මොකද කරන්නේ – අනාගත දායාදය”

  1. Tharindu Says:

    Naaaice dude …loved it alot ..thank u 4 taking us back 2 our gud old dayz…
    Kep it up

  2. Sanduni Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us. This is a lovely song with a good advice. I used to listen to this song when I was a kid. I am listning to this song after a long time. Thank you so much :).

  3. dututissa Says:

    නියමයි මේවගෙ ඒවා හොයන්න අමාරුයි.

  4. anu Says:

    This is a special song and its make me a kid again early days i charmed to this typical song.

  5. Chamath Says:

    This is one of my favourite song… This beautiful song gives us a very good massage… These are the kind of songs, we must listen…

  6. Nilanka Says:

    I wanted to sing this song for my daughter and found this on the web. Thanks. want to teach this to my 2 year old daughter.

  7. Roshani Yaheya Says:

    Thank you for sharing this lyrics. I love this song so much and i want to teach it to my child. These types of songs should played on tv and radio often as they did earlier.

  8. Samadhi Says:

    Thank you for sharing this lyrics.

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