How to raise kids

This is not a very much debated topic. This is because every parent think they know how to raise their own kid to become a proper human being. In buddhism as I’ve heard they have given some good short and sweet advice for how should a parent raise their kids. This information is sponsored by Chamith (our network admin).

from the point of birth to 2 years – treat your child as your eye. protect and care with love and affection

from 2 years to 8 years – you should be strict and punish your kid for mis bahaves (or should we say when they are naughty) if needed physically (sometimes a good thrashing can gives the kid the message rather than grounding him for the weekend)

from 8 years to 15 years – you should treat treat your kid sternly. Any misbehaves should be dealt without any physical punishment but with commanding verbal expressions.

from 15 years onwards – treat your kid (the teenager) like a friend.

This is how kids should be raised. I’ve seen and heard in alot of foriegn countries physical punishments for children are prohibited and is punishable by law. I see this as unneccessary. Parents should have the authority of how their kids are tought a lesson, not the government or the constituition.

Some may say that some parents treat their children horribly and that to stop this the laws are created. I’d say that is bull shit. If some parents are horrible for their children that means the parents of the parents have not taught their children well. or were not punished for any misbehaves.  May be those parents were also obeying the law and not hitting their children when they should have. But the fact remains each generation the children are becoming more and more violent. Last month I heard that (I think it was USA) some kid in school had shot another kid in school for some conflict. That kids parents should be charged for that crime, not the child. Because its because of their lack of attention to their own kid that caused it. I’m sure that kid may have done violent things in the past which the parents may have ignored due to the fact that they are not to hit their kid (becuase of the law) or they may have done the same things when they were kids and thought it alright. This is a vicious cycle that needs to be brocken.

My parents have treated me the same way as above according to the buddhism, and I can safely say that I’m happy they did that. Or else I would have ended up talking rotten or knowing some rotten people. I say this because I’ve seen some of the guys in my school have turned out.

Moral of this blog is its the parents responsibility how their kids turn out. Not the givernments or the schools or the the friends.


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