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The discussion on Sri Lankan situation in Press TV

April 19, 2009

This is a discussion on the Press TV in the Forum program about the Sri Lankan situation. Interesting to listen to a LTTE terrorist talking casually trying to justify its intentions.


WSO2 Online Hosted Tools

April 8, 2009

After a lot of work and patience I have finally managed to get the online tools hosted correctly.  There were couple of things I had to do.

  • Get the carbon product running on a public server
  • Make sure the public server has enough resources
  • Create a cronjob to garuntee the running of the product at all times
  • Map our tools server host name to this public server
  • Configure the carbon product to work through the http and https proxy
  • Setting up valid certifiacates for the running servers.
  • Create a page in the OT for the users to access these tools.
  • Test the online hosted tools and get any issues fixed.
  • And write this blog.

Even though the above list looks like only a handful some steps were pretty iterative until the job was done. And finally we have the things ready. Check themout at Here a pic in the page which shows the online tools available.


I’ll blog more about each and every tool available.