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Is Velupillai Prabhakaran Alive?

May 22, 2009

Rumors (as usual) are flying around like flies. Is he or is he not? One thing is for sure. The government or the army cannot afford to be wrong on this. Its their reputation at stake. Its the trust of people on the whole establishment at stake. They needed to be sure. They have to be sure. They delayed again and again the news of death of VP until they were sure it was him. Finally after the president declared victory on parliament images/videos were released by the media of a person who they say is VP. They had proof that he is who they said he is. So its all about the stakes again. Since the stakes are high we (many of us) also believe that it is the murderer Prabhakaran who lies there having lost half his head (surprisingly it was possible even though we thought he didn’t have one)

Against this the usual LTTE propagandist activities still operate some where else in the world. They try to convince people (mostly the Tamil people) that VP is still alive. I must say tha many Tamils still believe so (even though there are not 100% sure). First the propagandists spread rumors. Then they try to show fabricated proof. Then they will threaten to make the unbelievers believers etc etc. Anyway they have now entered the 2nd stage. They try to show fabricated proof of VP being alive. The latest one on the net is the following picture


This will appear to be a very jubiliating and a funny picture to all those LTTE supporters who got swelled eyes, but i’m afraid (i mean i’m happy to say) to tell you guys the bad news that this picture is fake. You want to know why I think so?

  • Right now the supporters need proof that he is alive. the best way to do that is to have a few striaght pictures or videos unmistakable VP with some current news item. This image his face is half hidden. Either these guys are dumb or trying to fake a real picture of VP.
  • This picture is an insult to every LTTE cadre who fought the war for a piece of land. While there were laying their lives VP seems to be on some other place on a comfortable chair watching news of ITN (a Sri Lankan tv channel) in a new flat screen LCD TV. If VP did not escape to another country abandoning his “army” of terrorists then he must be in Sri Lanka. but where? Only likely place is in LTTE controlled area. but such a place no longer exists. Other location could be in any other place in the country (in war uniform). In which case it would be really dumb to publish this picture exposing that VP is still in SL.
  • Other thing is that look at the shadow of the TV. it suggests that the there is a light (on the ceiling may be) which is coming from either between the VP and the TV or from the left shoulder side of VP. If it is the first case then there shouldn’ t be a shadow on the front-side of the cabinet holding the TV (part of the front-side of the cabinet has a shadow). If it is the 2nd case then the left shoulder area and his left ear area should be lighted as if a light had being hit from behind-left (VP’s left). No such evidence are seen here. Some one can claim that this lighting effect is overcome by the flash of the camera (which is to have taken this picture), then it should have taken out the shadow of the TV and the shadow on the cabinet.
  • The paper seems to be very lightly held. At any point it can drop. Very weird, but any way possible.
  • If you look closely the chair (of which VP is sitting) is situated right in front of the TV. In which case if you think logically for him to look at the tv he needs to turn his head to the right side. But instead it is being turned in between the front and the right. (So who cares may be he wasn’t really looking at the tv. but it beats out the funniness of the picture for the LTTE supporters). Some might claim that eventhough his head is only 45 degrees turned the eyes are turned towards the tv (a further more 45 degrees), then i must say what a unconfortable way to watch tv.

You still dont believe?? Then I guess I will have to bring down the hammer hard. Here is the original picture of which the above picture was created upon.


Need any more explainations?? only difference between the vp in this pic and the first pic is that the first pic has a mustache and a holding paper. But every thing else down to the last stripe in his uniform are in the same arrangement. You decide now.


LTTE has called a “CEASE FIRE”. But the DECEASED cannot FIRE. So why bother?

May 17, 2009

LTTE now a days have earned a new profesion as a bunch of jokers. With the military defeat they have faced today they are trying to entertain us with an new joke (relatively new). I must say this one beats the crap out of everyone. Look at what this Selvarasa Pathmanathan guy is saying.

“This battle has reached its bitter end. It is our people who are dying now from bombs, shells, illness and hunger. We cannot permit any more harm to befall them. We remain with one last choice — to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing our people. We have decided to silence our guns.”

See how funny it is coming a statement like this from this joker when they are defeated. Are you so ashamed of your self that you dont want to admit that you have lost the war? Is that why you are pretending that you’ve silenced your guns?

“It is our people who are dying now from bombs, shells, illness and hunger.”

Were you so blind that didn’t you see that they were your ppl even before now? They were your people a month ago too. They were your people a year ago too. They were still your people at the time you were born. But only now you’ve realized that they are your people? No. They are not your people. They stopped being your ppl the moment you forced them to a war. the moment you abducted their children for war. the moment u asked for ransom. the moment you killed tamil leaders (I could go on and on like this). Don’t you dare use the words “our people”. You have no right at all. It is our people who was there. How can you belong to them when u even act as an animal towards human kind? Your people is not the tamil ppl. Your people is the LTTE. A bunch of merderous scroundrals. Its them that you were worried.

“We remain with one last choice — to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing our people. We have decided to silence our guns.”

By the time you have decided to silence the guns the army had already done it so. So why take the touble to waste words saying you are doing that your self. Or you could just say that “army silenced our weapons, we just want to pretend that we did it our selves”. truth is better than lies isn’t it eventhough its bitter for you as you’ve said (“…bitter end”). And btw we have a very good reason for killing your people (i.e. the LTTE). BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE GOD DAMN TERRORISTS. Thats the only reason we need.

If you have a brain try to think this through. If you are saying that by silencing your guns tamil peoples lives can be saved (lets say that tamil ppl are your ppl),  THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU SILENCE THEM BEFORE STARTING A WAR? You LTTE are a bunch of hypocrits to the end.

Anyway thanx for the entertainment you are providing for us. Keep posting these little statements for us until you get caught. We can do a few more laughs.

A Tamil Journalist Explains The Horrofic Truth Behind the Protests in Canada

May 16, 2009

This video I found on the internet is an interview done with a sri lanakan tamil journalist called “Ignatius Selliah” (Manoranjan) by CBC radio.

In the video it is very sad to see that youth of age around 20 years are also dragged in to this. I wonder whether atleast 5% of them ever being to Sri Lanka. They are waving a terrorist flag screaming slogans to save the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world. Shame on them. Cant they understand that from what they are doing their own ppl in Sri Lanka suffer alot. They do not even have atleast 1% of the sympathy and emphathy and the urge to save our tamil brothers and sisters, us sinhalease do. What a joke is this???

They’ve brought in kids also to the street. They are teaching them also the hatred. They will also grow up to hate ppl in Sri Lanka not caring that reality is different. Shame on you. You are destroying your own next generation by passing on YOUR hatred. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Proof that LTTE is spreading false claims on shelling the civilians

May 15, 2009

LTTE is known to lie, cheat, threaten, boast, shed crocadile tears and pretend innocent. But today the world knows what a bunch of terrorists they are. But still they are trying to fool the world. Look at the image below. (Click on the image to see its original size)

This image tries to say that there is shelling in civilian areas (presumably in the civilian safe zone). The LTTE is claiming that the shelling is done by the army.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the following uncut version of the above image.(Click on the image to see its original size)

Did you notice the missing part of the 1st image? There is a girl holding a camera, smiling. Notice the men in background who are smiling and standing still watching the children and women running.  I think no need to explain what is happening here.

Adding an event listener to iframe which has designMode “on” (firefox)

May 11, 2009

In firefox when designMode is set to “on”, all the events for that iframe are disabled. You cannot add events to that iframe using the convensional way. Actually this makes sense since you wouldn’t want to have mouse hover events or click events triggered when you set the designMode of an iframe to “on”. But not been able to re-enable it while the designMode is still on is really inconvinient. I wanted to add a new feature for the sinhala transliteration for html WYSIWYG editors/RTE (Rich Text Editors). Since the transliteration happens detecting the keypress events in the control i needed to have a number of listeners on an iframe (normally all RTEs use iframe for its designMode functionality). After much searching on the net i found how to do it.

document.getElementById("my_iframe").contentWindow.addEventListener('focus', onFocussed, true)

where ‘focus’ is the event name and  onFocussed is a event handler of the type

function onFocussed(e){
     //Do something

Anyones interested my ff addon is here.

Adding events to iframe which has designMode set to ‘on’ (firefox)

May 8, 2009

Being looking for this for a while, then I found that firefox disables the events for a iframe when the designMode is set to “on”. But I kept on searching for a hack for this, which eventually brought me to the following code which works perfectly.

document.getElementById('iView').contentWindow.addEventListener('keypress',keypress, true);
function keypress(e){
   //Do something

How to get the caret position (cursor position) of a iframe which has designMode ‘on’ in firefox

May 8, 2009

Took me a couple of hours to find this out. Couldn’t find it on the internet. With a little bit of improvising finally found out the way.

var range = document.getElementById('iframe_id').contentWindow.getSelection().getRangeAt(0);

thats it.


Since this is an iframe we are talking about you should know the startOffset and endOffset is wrt to the container of the start pos and end pos text. In here what I meant by the container is that iframe may contain html tags.

For eg: name is <b>saminda</b>. I like js.....

if you had selected the text “is samin” from the iframe the endOffset would be 5, not startOffset+3+5. Hope you understood

Sinhala Movie : සිකුරු හතේ (Sikuru Hathe)

May 7, 2009

This was a nice sinhala comedy I watched online. I’m not a big fan of sinhala movies. But this was one of the best sinhala comedy movide I watched since a long time. Its online in youtube and anyone can watch it. Here are the links. Hopefully they will not be removed. enjoy!!!

Shocking Claims in Srilanka’s concentration camps in Vavuniya – Channel 4 News

May 6, 2009

Channel 4 news released a news of “Shocking Claims in Srilanka s concentration camps in Vavuniya” yesterday. I watched it first with trying to understand what they were trying to say here. I saw some of the things said does not really add up with the reality. So I decided to look at the facts in the video logically to see where things are wrong or things have “SKIPPED”.

Here is the youtube upload of this news telecast.


There was a police officer present. Did the policeman ignore this illegal videoing? Throughout  the video we see army ppl, police ppl. So is this video really illegal?

4 dead bodies left.

Why didn’t the cameraman get a video on this if the bodies are left there. It would have beeing great evidence to the story. Also were the ppl expecting the army or someone from the government to come and bury the bodies. Great, they have to feed u, cloth u, build homes and now burry the dead also.

2 spoons of milk powder….

say for the sake of argument this is true. the mother is asking for “milk powder” for the kid. Not food. If the kid was hungry wouldn’t the person ask for food rather than milk? (for the ppl who thinks the kid might be in a young state which can only drink milk should know, children at that stage drink milk from their mother, and mother should try to find food for her self to provide milk for her kid. but normally if the child was on that stage he/she should have been addressed as “baby”)

There are still children here without their parents.

Take note there are around 200,000 ppl in IDP centers, And these IDP centers are spread across the country as the space, resources and reachability had being available. Now you try to figure out how to get those 200,000 ppl to each of their families and which IDP centres should they end up in. (u may assume the war is over and there is no economy problem in the country everyone in the IDP are well fed and nourished and also that all the IDP are in the IDP camps. U can also assume that some country kindly steps in to run the country with the sole purpose of the benefit of the ppl in this country and the love for them while u r working on this problem). Let me give u a few hints on to make your task easy.

  • You have to take details of every person in IDP
    • name,age,place they last lived
    • names of parents/brother/sisters/relatives and when they have last seen each other


Getting these information might be very tricky of they are children or very old ppl

You may use a computer or just write down the details in a piece of paper

Consider alternative spellings, pronounciations for the details you acquire

  • Then you have to match these details with everyone in other IDP camps in Sri Lanka. Use the search functionality in the computer or hire a couple of 100 ppl to search through the paper piles.
  • Like wise determine each family and where each member of the family is located in which IDP.  Make sure your groupings are correct. Don’t reunite the wrong son with the wrong mother. You know how such errors flares up ppl.
  • If the original living places of the families has not yet been de-mined, try to find out to which IDP centres each and every family should end up if we are to reunite them. Make sure this is done with minimum expense (no re-routing)
  • Once the families are reunited make sure the resources for their welbeing is also avaialble where ever they ended up, until such time they can go home.

(How much time would u estimate will take for this?)

We don’t have a life here. This is a jail.

In NFZ, There was no roof to your head. Nw you do (atleast a canvas roof). You had only porridge to feed and that is maximum once a day (we give rice, curry and meat). You didn’t have medicine for the wounds u got when u were caught between the battles in NFZ. A Panadol is no longer Rs. 100 for you now. You can get it for free now even.  You wore the same cloths for months while in NFZ. At least now u can wash those cloths for a change if the cloths we send are unfit for you to wear. Cant these ppl atleast appreciate how they are now compared to how they were? They were displaced for more than a year with terrible conditions. But with 2-3 months in IDP camps they complain. Is this how the majority acts in these IDP camps?

We don’t know who is alive or who is dead.

Was this a question? I don’t think anyone knows the answer for this yet.  Remember the tsunami? The same questions are there. There are still ppl in the country who are looking for their children and parents who went missing during the tsunami 5 years ago.

We learned of 2 children who died who caught up in a crowd who was trying to get to a food distribution truck.

Say for the sake of argument that this information is true. Consider the situation in NFZ against this scenario. Were the children brave enough to go towards the LTTE ppl who took the food from the ship to ask for food from them? Were the ppl brave enough to go in a rush and demand for food from LTTE? We heard what the civilians said abt how the LTTE distributed food to the them. You bcome bold and you get bullets in return.  But the above statement suggests ppl has no such fear.

The food just does not appear out of thin air. The government has to find ways to get money to buy these food. We ppl in Sri Lanka are further helping this process with our own salaries personally donating our own resources. Were the LTTE at least doing some farming to around prabakarans garden? They were also eating and driking the food of Sri Lankan ppl. They don’t even have a shame doing that while fighting a war against the same hand that feeds them. I wonder whether they even thought of it that way.

They were only thinking about food, nothing else.

Well this is an improvement. Earlier they were thinking abt not getting killed by the war or not taken by the LTTE to fight the war. After they stop thinking about food, they will next think abt cloths. Do you see the irony here?

Lack of coordination.

Have to agree there. This is always the problem in Sri Lanka. Never a good coordination.  But I’ll tell u something of my experience about the SL Army during the Deyata Kirula exhibition. When all other exhibition stalls were a mess with ppl here and there, its only the Army exhbition stalls were in order, and nicely organized. It was really something to see. Too bad the IDP camps were are not runned by the army also. Just a speculation.

Women had to bath openly in the camp.

This doesn’t say that the women bath naked openly on the camp. That means they must have some kind of clothing on while they bath. Is this really unusual? In india the “Ganga” river is famous for this (as much as the river being famous). Both in India and Sri Lanka I have seen women bathing wearing cloths out in the open.  I’m not aproving that they should, but what I’m saying is that this is not a hardship for women. If they don’t have cloths then it’s a problem. One happy thing we can get from this statement is that they have water to bathe. When they were held hostages by LTTE they had only muddy water to drink even (muddy water which dogs had died even – something which was on the paper explaning what one of the civilians who escapsed told to the reporter).

The government said it could last for 3 years

With the Sri Lankan standards its an improvement. I heard that there are still tsunami victims who still live in temporary camps. Anyway government had already started permenant reselttlement of the ppl. Its going slow. But atleast it going somewhere.

So if your soldiers are abusing ppl … they should be punished?

Definitely. If any of the ppl who are handling this IDP camps are abusing any one without any good reason (If there is a LTTE cadre in civilian disguise, I say kick him in the ass, no question there) they should definitely be brought in front of the court and charged with highest punishments. This is a responsibility of the government to keep the decipline.


Never trust what these guys say. They are bunch of biased idiots. They exist only to report whats wrong in one side while acting as if the other side were just children who doesn’t know whats right or wrong.

Army remains the dominant force there.

If the army is dominating the camp, there will NEVER be such incidents as “…2 children who died caughtup in a crowd…”. They know how to distribute resources without making a mess.  And also if this was the case, this video would not have existed even.

3 women dead at a bathing area.

Just because the army has the power, that does not mean they use it to dominate. With all the LTTE false claims, it would be foolish for the army to create mayham themselves and tarnish its reputation. Atleast I don’t think if something like rape or abuse does happen in the hand of army personnel they would be foolish enough to have the proof laying around the camp or in the bathing area. They could have easily hidden it.

This is the first time I’ve heard of Channel 4 news. And I must say finally some attention to Channel 4 news. Their numbers must be doing good now.

Thus I see a lot of mismatches in this so called “illegal video clip”. For example non of the things showed in the video clip supported anything that was said by the “aid workers” or the “IDP detainee”. In short the video footage was totally useless for the news other than to try to convince the viewers that the aid workers were talking from within this IDP camp. As I know aid workers are not barricaded to the IDP camp (correct me if I’m wrong), if so why  hadn’t they anonymously reveled so called hardships to the world. Why did they wait for a cameraman from a foreign news agency smuglle in to a camp in daylight with a camera. Notice all the interviews were taken in a dark sourrounding.  It was very professionally done. Either the person was well hidden in the dark with bits of pieces of him revealed to the camera or the shadow of the person talking is shown. There were barely any background noises.  I know that this part of my logic is not very satisfying but I have to question, a guy who has smuggled him self in with a camera has certainly been resourceful in the middle of a IDP camp with army hovering every where. Either he is going to be a very good journalist or this was staged (hey there is no harm in questioning our doubt).

With what I read from the news papers reports of what civilians in IDP said is that they are far better off in IDP than being the LTTE hostages. If such ppl are now making claims like this, its unbelievable. Seems more like LTTE propaganda.