A Tamil Journalist Explains The Horrofic Truth Behind the Protests in Canada

This video I found on the internet is an interview done with a sri lanakan tamil journalist called “Ignatius Selliah” (Manoranjan) by CBC radio.

In the video it is very sad to see that youth of age around 20 years are also dragged in to this. I wonder whether atleast 5% of them ever being to Sri Lanka. They are waving a terrorist flag screaming slogans to save the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world. Shame on them. Cant they understand that from what they are doing their own ppl in Sri Lanka suffer alot. They do not even have atleast 1% of the sympathy and emphathy and the urge to save our tamil brothers and sisters, us sinhalease do. What a joke is this???

They’ve brought in kids also to the street. They are teaching them also the hatred. They will also grow up to hate ppl in Sri Lanka not caring that reality is different. Shame on you. You are destroying your own next generation by passing on YOUR hatred. SHAME ON YOU!!!


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