Is Velupillai Prabhakaran Alive?

Rumors (as usual) are flying around like flies. Is he or is he not? One thing is for sure. The government or the army cannot afford to be wrong on this. Its their reputation at stake. Its the trust of people on the whole establishment at stake. They needed to be sure. They have to be sure. They delayed again and again the news of death of VP until they were sure it was him. Finally after the president declared victory on parliament images/videos were released by the media of a person who they say is VP. They had proof that he is who they said he is. So its all about the stakes again. Since the stakes are high we (many of us) also believe that it is the murderer Prabhakaran who lies there having lost half his head (surprisingly it was possible even though we thought he didn’t have one)

Against this the usual LTTE propagandist activities still operate some where else in the world. They try to convince people (mostly the Tamil people) that VP is still alive. I must say tha many Tamils still believe so (even though there are not 100% sure). First the propagandists spread rumors. Then they try to show fabricated proof. Then they will threaten to make the unbelievers believers etc etc. Anyway they have now entered the 2nd stage. They try to show fabricated proof of VP being alive. The latest one on the net is the following picture


This will appear to be a very jubiliating and a funny picture to all those LTTE supporters who got swelled eyes, but i’m afraid (i mean i’m happy to say) to tell you guys the bad news that this picture is fake. You want to know why I think so?

  • Right now the supporters need proof that he is alive. the best way to do that is to have a few striaght pictures or videos unmistakable VP with some current news item. This image his face is half hidden. Either these guys are dumb or trying to fake a real picture of VP.
  • This picture is an insult to every LTTE cadre who fought the war for a piece of land. While there were laying their lives VP seems to be on some other place on a comfortable chair watching news of ITN (a Sri Lankan tv channel) in a new flat screen LCD TV. If VP did not escape to another country abandoning his “army” of terrorists then he must be in Sri Lanka. but where? Only likely place is in LTTE controlled area. but such a place no longer exists. Other location could be in any other place in the country (in war uniform). In which case it would be really dumb to publish this picture exposing that VP is still in SL.
  • Other thing is that look at the shadow of the TV. it suggests that the there is a light (on the ceiling may be) which is coming from either between the VP and the TV or from the left shoulder side of VP. If it is the first case then there shouldn’ t be a shadow on the front-side of the cabinet holding the TV (part of the front-side of the cabinet has a shadow). If it is the 2nd case then the left shoulder area and his left ear area should be lighted as if a light had being hit from behind-left (VP’s left). No such evidence are seen here. Some one can claim that this lighting effect is overcome by the flash of the camera (which is to have taken this picture), then it should have taken out the shadow of the TV and the shadow on the cabinet.
  • The paper seems to be very lightly held. At any point it can drop. Very weird, but any way possible.
  • If you look closely the chair (of which VP is sitting) is situated right in front of the TV. In which case if you think logically for him to look at the tv he needs to turn his head to the right side. But instead it is being turned in between the front and the right. (So who cares may be he wasn’t really looking at the tv. but it beats out the funniness of the picture for the LTTE supporters). Some might claim that eventhough his head is only 45 degrees turned the eyes are turned towards the tv (a further more 45 degrees), then i must say what a unconfortable way to watch tv.

You still dont believe?? Then I guess I will have to bring down the hammer hard. Here is the original picture of which the above picture was created upon.


Need any more explainations?? only difference between the vp in this pic and the first pic is that the first pic has a mustache and a holding paper. But every thing else down to the last stripe in his uniform are in the same arrangement. You decide now.


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18 Responses to “Is Velupillai Prabhakaran Alive?”

  1. tona Says:

    hey man cnt u see the name of the person who draw the above pic is appear in the above pic.

    see the name (close to the TV).
    his name is KOBALAN..

    this was a drawn pic…its clear and all kw..
    why u were giving all this deals………….

  2. tona Says:

    you are a such a idiot..OMG

  3. samindaw Says:

    of course it is a drawn pic. when u look closely at the cabinet and the tv we can see that it looks very unreal. But I wanted to point out to the LTTE supporters not to jump in to conclusions just bcos u see a pic with VP on and start a war again.

    I showed that a with a little bit of logical and analytical thinking u can determine the truth (something which everyone lacks of). For example non of the diaspora who protested in canada or uk ask the ltte to lay down the arms. If they for a second try to think why the civilians in those areas flee from LTTE and remember that this war was there close for 30 years and connect the dots, they could have changed their slogans instantly. Then again we are not sure whether they really had the civilians safety in mind or safety of the LTTE.

    It is really important to get people to think logically rather than emotionally on why things happen or why things are done. something which seemed u need a little practice tona ;). no offence dude.

    Peace for everyone.

  4. Indian Tamil Says:

    Holy Fuck ! the author itself claimed its a graphics ! Thanks for being such a intellectual jerk.violence is the not solution either way to solve this problem. If army hits now , Tigers will hit back again.

    Unless the tamils are given power i assure you each women in eelam will give birth to another Tiger. Just think ahead why this problem araised and solve it before the history repeats.

    Stop talking on unusual thing and push your government to share equal powers for the Tamils. The thing is Eelam tamil has no trust on neither with singala people nor with your cannibal government. It s a ethnic problem. Neither your army nor the Ltte is the winner. The loser is the people both singaleshe and tamil. So stop wasting your time in such stupid false rumours and do sumthing useful. Go to a tamil refugee camp and see how the tamils have been sufferred. Grow up kid ! Grow up !

  5. samindaw Says:

    First of all mister “Indian Tamil” use civilized language. And 2nd tell me the last time you were in Sri Lanka. If you dont know how we treat tamils brothers here in sri lanka, pls dont try to talk like you do.

    We know that the tamils in the IDP has suffered. Did you send at least a grain of rice to them? We sent food/cloths/medicine with our own expenses while we face economic problems.

    Share power? Where were you all this time? sleeping? Look what the post karuna amman is holding. Check and see who is governing the eastern province now. Look at our former foreign minister who was killed by the ltte. look at ananda sangarie. I challenge you to name one institution in Sri Lanka which is under representing tamil. Again if you dont know abt this country, pls dont talk abt it like you do.

    There is no such thing as eelam tamil. here there is only sri lankan tamil. stop trying to create new races and create problems in our country. are you so jelouse that you want to create a war in this country again? why dont u deal with terrorists in your country. And learn how to spell sinhala. seems you dont know a thing abt sinhalese ppl even.

    for your information we are organizing a trip to north to help build those houses and infrastructure which was destroyed during the war. we are waiting until the army gives the green light after the de-mining and the whole area is cleared of any threats.

    you think this post is useless did you? let me tell you something my friend, all those ltte supporters are brainwashed in a way you will be amazed. they have their own history abt this country. a history which does not tally with any historical documents in the world. according to them this country was a tamil nation. that is the extent of brainwashing they have. do u honestly think that this can be cured overnight? telling them the truth will not change their attitude. or the way they see things. they need to learn logical reasoning rather than blind faith. if we force them to logically think they will figure out the truth by themselves without any conflict. By this post my objective was to let them logical reason. Eventually they should understand that there is a LTTE propaganda in action. If they understand that they will no longer fall in to LTTE prey.

    These wounds need to be fixed with reasoning and with time. giving them food or shelter will not make us their friends or brothers. they need to understand it by themselves with their own level of understanding.

    ok lets see how much u know abt this country and the war. tell me are the reasons which this war started still applicable? (if u dare say “equal rights”, u better mention an example and like wise for all)

    You seem to have a problem with memories or may be u r from mars. the whole eelam war 4 started bcos the ltte closed a canal in mavil aru which gives water to farmers for their cultivation. this was a death threat from ltte since those paddy fields were the only thing they have as a living. if they miss one harvest they will have to give up their courier in the next harvest since no money. The farmers were helpless against these gunmen. So the first hit was from LTTE, not the army. in other words its LTTEs own fault on what happen to them. Even the start of the eelam war is bcos ltte killed 25 soldiers in the army in early 1980’s. these are facts.

    Again pls, if u dont know abt this country ask from someone who does. ask questions. visit this country atleast. see hw the Tamils in colombo live in luxury than most of the Sinhalese. Go visit east where major development is being done (which we have being begging our ministers to do in our city also). for the 20% here in SL we’ve made Tamil as one of the 2 national languages of the country. Can you say the same for your country india?

    Just like the Shylock in merchant in venice, the ltte supporters ask for the meat over and over again. Even Hitler didn’t kill his own ppl in order to kill jews. But these LTTE is killing their own ppl just for a piece of land. Even though all the top leaders are dead the remaining trying to repeat the same plots. We need to stop them fooling ppl again. And it if means to write a blog trying to get ppl to eventually understand the truth, then i will do it. why would you care? If they want more power. They need to come to political stream like karuna. why take weapons.

    no offence dude. yo way of thinking shows you dont know the real situation here and hw the ltte works.

    and yes we will do everything in our power to get those ppl in IDP back on their feet even though if it means taking brick by brick from colombo to killinochchi. we feel we belong to each other more than you think we do. so pls do not insult us.

    thank you for your opinion.

    peace for all humanity.

  6. samindaw Says:

    Check this blog to understand how the “free” media plays the game. This is why you shouldn’t believe everything u hear or see. learn to use the head a bit more.

  7. samindaw Says:

    And btw indian tamil, there are still ppl who wants to know whether this picture is fake or not. I can say this for sure from the search criteria used that brought them to this post. wordpress records those search strings.

  8. Indian Tamil Says:

    There is nothing to insult either you or your ethnic region. And about how you treat the tamil brother yeah i knew it and i knew well what you happened to tamils in Black July mate.

    The problem is both the camps think military solution is the right way to go. Its not gonna end. Its gonna hurt the peoples more splly people of tamil orgin.

    I have talked to peoples in refugees camp here, in fact few of my classmates / colleagues are all srilankan tamils. I knew how it hurts to them, whether ltte defeated r not, the loser is still the lanka, and the innocent tamils.

    Enough of history, this not about whether i can spell your language right or not. And there is no point in talking about whether i use a civilized one from mars or not. I dont want to include myself in meaningless moronic conversations.

    I dont get it , how can you ask one to visit your country even when there is no international media / UN , Red cross are allowed to visit inside the refugee camp / war zone in your country ?

    you are going to north and helping people, glad and a big thanks. But you are just a 20 percent people who thinks in this way. Sadly Pareto principle wont work even in a democratic country like us, we have experienced it.

    Try to understand why there s ltte raised in your soil? They are not looking for a colonization rule just like the great Britain did to us. That wound needs the cure.

    What i am trying to say is , yes its a End of Eelam war 4. If there is no political situation arrived, it ll start Eelam war 5. I dont want to see another genocide happening .

  9. Indian Tamil Says:

    This is weekly magazine from Tamil Nadu. The author of the story himself have expressed that this photograph is a fake one.

    And about free media bringing in haters, dont you know that GoSL already claimed prabha expired back in 1989 or so ?

    This is just the authors view of how prabha escaped from the battle field now and he is 100% sure about it. I am sorry i cant claim the stack of authority of the magazine nor a debate on whether he s alive or not.

    Not just free media, even the responsible media needs be give a unbiased version of each and every story.

  10. samindaw Says:

    No I dont agree the military should rule the camps either. But we dont want the camps to remain. We want them back in their homes ASAP. bcos longer they stay in camps much worse the economic burden we all have to face. Best thing is to get them to their homes as soon as the north areas are cleared up. Some of those resettlement in north have started with the “Uthuru wasanthaya” program. I’m glad the government started it at last. Knowing hw clumsy and lazy all these government officials are I think it will might take atleast another year to resettle every one in camps in their homes. Thats why we want to help to speed things up as much as we can. The government has also started a program to reunit families in various IDP camps. That could take a while too since there are over 300,000 ppl in camps.

    Tell your friends that we sinhalese are not their enemies and we want to help them and want to be friends if not brothers and sisters.

    My country is not a refugee camp or a war zone. UN/media/RC have limited access to those areas in question. but they have no restriction in coming in to the other parts of the country. If you wantm to understand hw tamils are treated in sl u need to be in places like colombo or in east where the situation is normal nw. not in the war zone or in idp camps where tension is still high and ppl respond with emotion of their own experience. they will b biased to one side or the other.

    yes there r ppl who does nt think the way we do. for example last year when a bus bomb exploded near our campus killing couple of our friends few of my buddies seemed permanently angry with all tamils. this is just an example hw ltte tried to make tamil ppl enemies of sinhala and muslim ppl. so that they can get sinhala/muslim ppl to hit back at tamils. No matter hw educated we are some of our idiots fall for this. Anyway with time we can rebuild the trust again on both parties. ones who lost family or friends would be the hardest (then again it is hard to find a person who has not). but 30 years of war have taught something to the ppl in this country about the value of unity. a very good example is that hw ppl responded to the flag convoys which goes through the city after the victory over ltte. many thought it was unnecessary and stupid. the first day is ok. but to have it again and again in following days was lunatic. And it is giving a chill to the tamils in the area. and waste of petrol. No matter what u do u will always get a couple of nut cases like that.

    I understand why ltte was created and why ppl joined ltte. take note that both the reasons are not the same. ltte was created to get a separate land for tamils. its their objective. Is “giving tamils equal rights” is the reason for wanting a separate land? you can answer that by looking at hw ltte fought the war for the last 3 decades. not going to elaborate on this since i’ve done so on a separate post. but ppl joined ltte hoping that their cause would give equal rights and many were made to believe that they were not given equal rights even. for example many of the tamil youth in canada believe they do not have equal rights. some of them were born in canada also. hw do they know from there that they dont have equal rights in sri lanka. some of them claim that their relatives/families/friends in war zone/camps say that to them. but as i mentioned earlier those are extreme situations. for a natural situation u need to visit places like colombo.

    it was a genocide of SL ppl. everybody talks abt tamils dieing. no one talks abt the sinhalese and muslims who died. but taken all they are all sri lankans. its sri lankans who died. i dont want to see any sri lankan shedding blood again.

    1989 is not the only time when an sl government spread word of such a thing. for the past 3 -4 years even there were news on hw he was gravely injured/partially injured etc. so no worries. we dont buy in to what the government or the media say just bcos they say so. we try to use our head too ;).

    yeah there is no point in blindly believing in something without proof. nor did the president yet confirmed the death of VP publicly. But the war is over. that is a fact. that we know. we can continue based on that.

    well man, media is also a business nw. what we normally do is watch more than one media (we have over 5-6 channels broadcasting news and several very well popular island-wide news papers). and try to figure out what one says and the other doesn’t. try and add one and one.

    thank you for the meaningful comment. and thanks again for your opinion.

  11. samindaw Says:

    There were a couple of comments from a person called “nabil3696” which I’m not allowing due to uncivilized language Basically he/she wanted to say that they are going to kill all sinhalese.

  12. Chandare Says:

    @ Indian Tamil

    “yes there r ppl who does nt think the way we do. for example last year when a bus bomb exploded near our campus killing couple of our friends few of my buddies seemed permanently angry with all tamils. this is just an example hw ltte tried to make tamil ppl enemies of sinhala and muslim ppl. so that they can get sinhala/muslim ppl to hit back at tamils.”

    100% Agreed with this. Even after killing innocent passengers there Did you hear any incident about any hit backs targeting the tamil students in university ? But Can a Sinhala student go to the Jaffna university and just study??? Then how you say the Sinhalese people are not treating Tamils here..

    If Sinhalese ppl are treating the Tamils as you mentioned there, We will not hear this sort of stories.

    They got an extreme independence but unfortunately they are misusing it as well.

  13. Chandare Says:

    And I think anyone doesn’t need to worry on “Is Velupillai Prabhakaran Alive?” Even he is alive or not he does not have dumb followers any more. (Other than ;))

    “Unless the tamils are given power i assure you each women in eelam will give birth to another Tiger. Just think ahead why this problem araised and solve it before the history repeats.”

    What does the eelam refer to? 😀 😀

  14. å Says:

    However I found the most applicable photo with the original topic. And it reveals the true story of the happenings…

    Don’t you think so Mr. Indian Tamil?

  15. ulaganathan Says:

    The Eelam war has wrought untold miseries to all in Srilanka. It should be admitted that the Sril Lankan Tamils have suffered the most. We are all accustomed to a cosy life in our home. We cannot imagine the ignominy of living a life of refugee either in your own country or outside. I agree that there is no point in looking back at history for seeking alibis for our present mistakes and violence. We need to remember Gandhi who said it is madness to take arms against your fellow human beings. We are not animals and we don’t live in jungles. The Lankan Tamils should have persisted with their Gandhian struggle to redress their grievance, if any. What has the war brought them? We in India are told of stories of atrocities against Tamils, in the 70’s and 80’s and of discrimination against them in Universities. If you are going to say that there is no such discrimination now, so much the better. Yours is a sober voice which sounds reasonable and conciliatory. What about the psyche of the majority of the Singhala community, after the war? Will they be interested in taking the fellow Tamils along or will they treat them like second-class citizens? The danger lies not in the Tamil-minorities feeling insular and insecure in the face of the perceived threat from the majority but in the majority Singhala community’s jingoism and insensitivity to the problems of the minority groups. You cannot wish away the distinction of the people on the basis of the language and religion. You need to accept their right to practise their own culture and religion. The success of a nation’s polity lies in all sections of the people feeling a sense of attachment to their country and a national pride. I wish the Singhalese people like you work patiently to achieve this goal. National reconciliation has to be built brick by brick. It needs patience and magnanimity from your end.

  16. Nishan Says:

    Hmm….why these Tamil people never talk about the root reason for the refuge camps. Instead, they tell Tamils are suffering inside refuge camps. This is funny man, what are the other options they have. You should be thankful to the government for providing these refuge camps and for not just ignoring them to death. I think our government has been too good for them so far (after hearing what they think about the government).

    Yes, most of silly Tamil’s intention is to kill all the Sinhalees. That’s what they tried to do. Most of them don’t need to live in harmony with Sinhalees (though Sinhalees offer it). They need a separate land. Why you people don’t just migrate to south India, to the place where you belong?

  17. galpi Says:

    well said bro….

  18. manwithtwosouls Says:

    Greetings to everyone here!

    I gotta say that this blog with all these arguments is the most interesting things I’ve come across on the Net in a while. First and foremost, lemme tell y’all that I am a dual citizen, I hold both Sri Lankan and Indian citizenship and I, for one, would like to applaud samindaw for choosing to blog about such a delicate topic and again clarifying Indian Tamil’s doubts.

    I was born in Colombo and have my fair share of relations and friends in both countries. Even my study was divided between the two countries. I often come down to both India as well as Sri Lanka almost thrice a year and I feel nothing but pride, joy and marzipan every single time I come here.

    samindaw did a really good job by actually showing Indian Tamil the other face of the remainder of the Sinhalese, who actually are a bunch of gentle and peace loving people. In fact, my very own childhood(which I very distinctively remember) comprised of my best friends of 16 years and counting who is of Sinhalese roots, and I’m quite impressed that samindaw actually reminds me of the guy.

    Indian Tamil did a good job by confronting his doubts, it wasn’t bad, in fact, I believe you did the right thing by asking questions to which samindaw replied, very eloquently.All comments made by Nishan, ulaganathan and Chandare have also made me think.

    Anyway, samindaw, hats off to you for what you did and what you are doing. I hope you always practice what you preach and stay a strong advocate for peace and more importantly, for humanity.

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