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Ghosts of past…

April 29, 2011

Have you ever had this utmost sad feeling when you suddenly, unexpectedly see someone (even from a picture) whom you’ve lost forever? I just had that a few minutes ago. and not for the first time either.

But this time it was a little different. This time I realized for the first time that I was sad not because of loosing the person, but because I was in an illusion of really having the person. I’m not going to pour my life & soul to this blog, but long story short, I was fooled to believe that this particular person was really being a friend of mine while in reality she was using me. (yep I’m talking about a “she”).

This was years ago back while I was in uni. But the experience still haunts me (may b the correct word could be “devastating”). Once something like that happens turning a new leaf is like trying to create a¬†Frankenstein monster¬†¬†and bring it to life. Once you bring it to life it’ll still be a miserable looking walking talking corpse (with all the rattling, clanking tin cans & all) having a beating heart which no one gets why the damn thing doesn’t pump blood.

So one short advice if anyone is reading this crazy post. When all hell breaks loose in your heart, just then & there, let it go. Don’t let the ghosts follow with you to the future. Trust me, you really don’t want that.


Starting back my blog…

April 29, 2011

Feels like I should start blogging again. Don’t know why, but it feels right all of a sudden. So here we go….