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The most embarrassing day of my life

May 31, 2011

and you thought I was going to blog about it huh? šŸ˜›


Sri Lankan Bus Conductors

May 31, 2011

My default understanding of bus conductors in SL is that a very few have manners or “pleasantness”. And almost none having both.

I know in some bus routes the correct balance is returned only if he is in a good mood enough to not to be greedy. 120 route from pettah to kesbewa is not such a bus route (thank you god) but a conductors never miss anĀ opportunity give less balance when he canĀ Ā justify it. In most such cases we have to remember when we are getting off the bus to ask the conductor to give the remaining balance.


On one such rare situation last week (28.05.2011) when I had forgotten to do so, this conductor came from the other end of the bus to the rear end & handed over the balance. It was a day to remember.

My first visit to a Kovil

May 3, 2011

I don’t believe I’ve ever gone to a “kovil”…… until today morning. I didn’t expect much when I went there, but once I got there, despite my disbelief in belief of my fate is in a gods hand, it was a really remarkable scene.

With the blazing trumpet & the drums (dont know what their exact names) stood at the end of the corridor a statue of god “Vishnu” in a well lit room. This cloths statue was gleaming (most probably it may have being washed in milk in the morning) with showered flowers everywhere. The priest, very active, was making his voice heard over to the other end of the 30Ā meter corridor which all the followers enter the kovil.Ā Couldn’t get much close to have a better look, but theĀ fragrances that wafted from burning many powders (kunkuma etc.) & burning oil etc takes you to a feeling of a totally different trance. It was truly a remarkable experience. It was also a proud moment for me where I could point and say that this was part of my culture.