Hi, I’m Saminda (you may already know that). I work at WSO2 a software company promoting open source and rendering services/consultation/training on web services to people throughout the world. I welcome you to my blog and may you have an interesting time reading it.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Tom Says:


    I found a post from you regarding plug-in development in eclipse. By some reason I tend to get noClassDefFound exceptions and error messages telling me that my Activator and action class can not be loaded. Everything works fine if the plug-in is pure and simple. However, when it depends on any third party plug-ins or libraries, or even a own made library consisting of only ond class, the above errors occur. I’ve tried your solution proposals with no luck.

    Have you any immediate thoughts on how to solve these issues? If so, any tips are highly appreciated!

    Take care!

  2. Tom Says:

    Oh, sorry for posting wrong. The above post should have been made at the respective thread.

    • samindaw Says:

      Hi Tom,
      Check to see if the bundle-class path is set in the manifest file. R u getting this error when you export the plugin and use it or on self-hosting mode? If u r exporting and using it, check and see whether the jar contains the 3rd party libraries u require.

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