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Live Editing a Web Service or Making use of Axis2 Hotupdate feature in a cool way.

October 17, 2009

This is to inform that we now support the feature of making use of the hotupdate feature in axis2 web service feature.  Try this tutorial for more details. Basically it allows you to test your web service while you edit it. Really cool.


WSO2 Online Hosted Tools

April 8, 2009

After a lot of work and patience I have finally managed to get the online tools hosted correctly.  There were couple of things I had to do.

  • Get the carbon product running on a public server
  • Make sure the public server has enough resources
  • Create a cronjob to garuntee the running of the product at all times
  • Map our tools server host name to this public server
  • Configure the carbon product to work through the http and https proxy
  • Setting up valid certifiacates for the running servers.
  • Create a page in the OT for the users to access these tools.
  • Test the online hosted tools and get any issues fixed.
  • And write this blog.

Even though the above list looks like only a handful some steps were pretty iterative until the job was done. And finally we have the things ready. Check themout at Here a pic in the page which shows the online tools available.


I’ll blog more about each and every tool available.

WSO2 Eclipse IDE Tools Released

March 3, 2009

After a lot of hard work for the past few months, finally released the new wso2 eclipse ide tools for the public. Without beating by the bush I’ll just say whats on it.

    * Create Web services
    * Create web service client
    * Convert WSDL 1.1 to 2.0 and vice versa
    * Module and service validators
    * Creating wsdl from a java class
    * Create Axis2 archives
    * Hot update a Web service
    * Debug Web services
    * Test Web services
    * Creating Bpel archives for deploy
    * Start WSAS 3.0.x inside Eclipse
    * Run multiple instances of WSAS inside eclipse

You can get them from or via the online update site

I know its not much but I firmly believe they will be very helpful for the developers.  Hope everyone would like it and find it useful for their work.

Have fun.