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The discussion on Sri Lankan situation in Press TV

April 19, 2009

This is a discussion on the Press TV in the Forum program about the Sri Lankan situation. Interesting to listen to a LTTE terrorist talking casually trying to justify its intentions.


To People Who has doubt what LTTE is

November 6, 2008

Some people still live in a deep well. Tamils may be a minority if we take a percentage wise based on population, but take the percentage representation in the parliament and you will see that they are not even close to been underrepresented. So in my opinion the problem is not with the tamil population or the sinhala population for that matter, the problem is actually with the power hunger of the LTTE leaders. Let me point out how they campaigned their war effort throughout this near 30 years.

  1. Destroying public property (From oil tanks to international air ports)
  2. Bombing civilian areas to cause panic.
  3. Bombing Busses, trains etc. (They’ve brought the war to innocent cilians which includes school children + monks/priests)
  4. Suicide attacks on national leaders some including famouse tamil political leaders(not to mention Rajive Gandi in india)
  5. Under death threats tamils brothers are forced to join LTTE (and they call it liberation)
  6. Promoting Child soldiers (look for pictures in the internet)
  7. Conducting criminal activities and fraud to collect money. (read many news reads and FBI reports on this)
  8. Collecting ransom from sri lankan tamil populations living abroad.
  9. Attacking relief aid and food supply convoys in both sea and land(transported to tamil refugees in nothern parts of the country who are displacedor rendered helpless due to the futile war)
  10. Using tamil population as a human shield when SL forces attempt to attack.
  11. Using public property, religious buildings and schools as military bases and camps/bunkers.
  12. Teaching school children at school in the areas which is dominated by LTTE to use guns and to hate non-tamil population.
  13. Killing innocent farmers just for fun or just because they were there.
  14. Giving combat lessons and arms dealingg with the under world gangs in the country.
  15. Altering the mentality of our own tamil brothers and sisters for suicide missions.

I think this’ll be enough for anyone to get started. Note that each and every one of those almost equally destroyed our community of all sinhala, tamil and muslim. It created hatred among brothers and sisters of a same family. A Sri Lanakan goverment may have started this, but LTTE is using that as an excuse for ethnic cleansing and to full fill the leaders dream of power and control over innocent tamil people. That is sick.