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Is Velupillai Prabhakaran Alive?

May 22, 2009

Rumors (as usual) are flying around like flies. Is he or is he not? One thing is for sure. The government or the army cannot afford to be wrong on this. Its their reputation at stake. Its the trust of people on the whole establishment at stake. They needed to be sure. They have to be sure. They delayed again and again the news of death of VP until they were sure it was him. Finally after the president declared victory on parliament images/videos were released by the media of a person who they say is VP. They had proof that he is who they said he is. So its all about the stakes again. Since the stakes are high we (many of us) also believe that it is the murderer Prabhakaran who lies there having lost half his head (surprisingly it was possible even though we thought he didn’t have one)

Against this the usual LTTE propagandist activities still operate some where else in the world. They try to convince people (mostly the Tamil people) that VP is still alive. I must say tha many Tamils still believe so (even though there are not 100% sure). First the propagandists spread rumors. Then they try to show fabricated proof. Then they will threaten to make the unbelievers believers etc etc. Anyway they have now entered the 2nd stage. They try to show fabricated proof of VP being alive. The latest one on the net is the following picture


This will appear to be a very jubiliating and a funny picture to all those LTTE supporters who got swelled eyes, but i’m afraid (i mean i’m happy to say) to tell you guys the bad news that this picture is fake. You want to know why I think so?

  • Right now the supporters need proof that he is alive. the best way to do that is to have a few striaght pictures or videos unmistakable VP with some current news item. This image his face is half hidden. Either these guys are dumb or trying to fake a real picture of VP.
  • This picture is an insult to every LTTE cadre who fought the war for a piece of land. While there were laying their lives VP seems to be on some other place on a comfortable chair watching news of ITN (a Sri Lankan tv channel) in a new flat screen LCD TV. If VP did not escape to another country abandoning his “army” of terrorists then he must be in Sri Lanka. but where? Only likely place is in LTTE controlled area. but such a place no longer exists. Other location could be in any other place in the country (in war uniform). In which case it would be really dumb to publish this picture exposing that VP is still in SL.
  • Other thing is that look at the shadow of the TV. it suggests that the there is a light (on the ceiling may be) which is coming from either between the VP and the TV or from the left shoulder side of VP. If it is the first case then there shouldn’ t be a shadow on the front-side of the cabinet holding the TV (part of the front-side of the cabinet has a shadow). If it is the 2nd case then the left shoulder area and his left ear area should be lighted as if a light had being hit from behind-left (VP’s left). No such evidence are seen here. Some one can claim that this lighting effect is overcome by the flash of the camera (which is to have taken this picture), then it should have taken out the shadow of the TV and the shadow on the cabinet.
  • The paper seems to be very lightly held. At any point it can drop. Very weird, but any way possible.
  • If you look closely the chair (of which VP is sitting) is situated right in front of the TV. In which case if you think logically for him to look at the tv he needs to turn his head to the right side. But instead it is being turned in between the front and the right. (So who cares may be he wasn’t really looking at the tv. but it beats out the funniness of the picture for the LTTE supporters). Some might claim that eventhough his head is only 45 degrees turned the eyes are turned towards the tv (a further more 45 degrees), then i must say what a unconfortable way to watch tv.

You still dont believe?? Then I guess I will have to bring down the hammer hard. Here is the original picture of which the above picture was created upon.


Need any more explainations?? only difference between the vp in this pic and the first pic is that the first pic has a mustache and a holding paper. But every thing else down to the last stripe in his uniform are in the same arrangement. You decide now.