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Audio not sync with the video

November 14, 2008

Isn’t it annoying when the movie you are watching keep draggin te audio track so that the audio and video are not in sync. And the delay keeps increasing. Well if you are using the vlc player there is a solution. You can temporaly fix this problem using audio preferences in the vlc player.


Settings –> Preferences

Select Audio from the list in the left hand side. Check/tick the Advanced Options check box. You will see General audio settings in the right hand side. In it you will notice a setting called Audio desynchronization compensation. In it you can specify the time to delay the audio track in milliseconds.

If the audio is playing late (i.e. if the video is coming early) put a negative value to the setting. If the audio is playing early (i.e. if the video is coming late) put a positive value to the setting.